How Much Does Automation and Efficiency Impact Growth?

Spare a greater amount of the most valuable asset in the not-for-profit world: time. That way, your staff can additionally put resources into building up the contributor connections that will enable your association to develop now and later on.

of hours are saved each week on data entry with DonorHub
more money is raised in your first year of using DonorHub
of monthly donors are retained with DonorHub’s top-rated recurring giving features

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Through automated features that allow for effortless task completion, tools that streamline processes, and alerts and updates that keep staff aligned, DonorHub does administrative work for you so you can keep your focus on engaging donors and helping your mission succeed.


DonorHub Solutions for Operational Efficiency

DonorHub’s core features designed for operational efficiency come along with your DonorHub subscription. This set of features includes*
*Included features vary based on subscription package. See packages here

Guides on Operational Efficiency

Get Email Best Practices for FundraisingHow to Use Data To Manage Your Nonprofit, and Better Together: 3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs Fundraising Software and QuickBooks Accounting now!

DonorHub Add Ons and Integrations for Operational Efficiency

Want to save even more time? DonorHub’s core system expands to work with these integrations* that further simplify the way you work. Choose what you need, when you need it.

*Partners and integrations may vary by country. Visit this page for more details.

"Obviously, framework productivity amounts to nothing in case you're not zeroing in on your benefactors' encounters in purchasing, enlisting, and giving. Due to how we use DonorHub and how effectively it very well may be inserted into our association's web presence, we have discovered that giving through the WebLink structures connected to our site and different sales and offers is the MOST EFFICIENT cycle that our web guests right now insight!"

– Ben C., Donor Services Manager

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